Top 7 Real Money Dice Games In Casino

Dice games are one of the most popular games in online casinos today. This game is chosen by many players because of its high entertainment.

Do you already know anything about this game?

Let’s find out detailed information about dice games as well as popular games today.

Live Dice Game

This is a fairly new segment, and if you are looking for an exciting new game, we definitely recommend giving Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice a try. The studio calls it a unique game.

This title comes with a very generous 1,000 times multiplier that – if you’re lucky – can translate into a big payout.


A live dealer drops three dice into the so-called Lightning Tower, where the dice will bounce around and eventually fall to the bottom.

All you need to do is bet on the total amount of the three spins. The highlight here is definitely a 1000x random multiplier that is triggered when the game’s special mechanic strikes itself.

Evolution Gaming was the first studio that really came up with the great idea of ​​running a live dice game. However, we are sure that the company will not be the last.

Cryptocurrency Dice Games

This must be one of the highly entertaining dice game genres. The TRON and BITCOIN blockchain has made it possible for iGaming venues to develop games that completely challenge the known experience.

The bitcoin dice game is one of the best. They give you full control over your’ chances of winning’ by moving the slider on a scale, usually from 0 to 100, although these numbers can go up to hundreds.

The use of cryptocurrencies opens up a lot of opportunities for innovation.

Most dice games are built in the form of Dapps, and in general, the dice games you can experience will be quite different from the regular Craps version or even Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice.

Steps On How To Play Dice

Some websites require you to have an account before you can deposit BTC and start hitting the dice roll button.

If that’s the case, make sure you subscribe. This will ask for your basic info like username and password, and it will only take a few seconds before you can start depositing BTC.

Meanwhile, some websites don’t require registration, especially sites that only offer free Bitcoin dice games.

The website will give you a wallet address so you can deposit BTC. Whatever site you want to play at, always remember to place your bet within the minimum and maximum bet ranges.

Another important thing to remember is that you need to know if a website requires a specific wallet as some sites prefer one or more specific wallets. Your transactions will be faster if your wallet is compatible with the website.


If you still want to play on a specific website that is not compatible with your wallet, you can easily get the wallet since it’s free.

When you deposit coins, you can start playing the game by choosing your bet. Most websites give you two options: “roll hi/rollover” and “roll lo/roll under”.

However, other sites have fixed bets, and you only need to choose a specific bet with a number.

Another feature of the dice game is that it shows you your odds of picking your bets. In addition to knowing how to play dice, you should know this basic rule: the lower your odds, the higher your multiplier, and vice versa.

After selecting your bet, the system will generate a random number in which you will have to see if your bet belongs to it or not. This part determines whether you win or lose.

If your roll results fall where you placed your bet, you win; otherwise, you lose. Some sites will pay you back for losses, while some will allow you to play more rounds.

Before you start another dice spin, take note of the amount of bitcoins in your wallet. You don’t want to spend all your money if you find yourself in a chain of losses.

Top 7 Dice Games In Online Casino You Should Try

1. Craps

Craps is the king of dice games, without a doubt. If you are looking for a good time and some friends will really hit the target.

Stand around the table, play around the tall boards, bet and roll dice combinations to gather my favorite casino nights. Craps may be the most complicated table game at the casino, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

Let’s cover some of the basics, and you’ll be right at home rubbing with inquisitive players:

One mistake a player makes is to ignore the propositions for the moment and focus on the main game. This includes the “Pass” or “Not Pass” lines. Bet a pass on the shooter’s pass to win.

So if the player shoots a 7 or 11 on the draw, the pass bet wins. But if the output is 2, 3, or 12, then the pass bet loses. If the output is any other, it becomes the point.

Then the shooter will try to roll the score again before rolling 7. If the player tosses the seven before hitting the point, they will “take seven” and the bet will lose. A “no pass” bet basically works in parallel with a “pass” bet.

In other words, it is a bet AGAINST the shooter. A “No pass” bet wins if the result is a 2 or 3. Push if 12 is rolled. The result 7 or 11 is a loser.

If any other number is drawn, it will establish the point, and if the seven is drawn before the point is hit, then the bet will pay.

This is a brief overview of craps, but it gives you a base on how the game works. You will definitely choose the rest at the table. Whatever you remember this:

And when you throw the dice, make sure it hits the wall behind.

2. Banca Francesca

Banca Francesca is similar to Baccarat, but this version of the game is mainly played in Europe, especially Portugal, and of course, it is played with dice instead of cards.

This name is literally translated as “Bank of France” in English. Don’t worry. You don’t need to speak Portuguese to play this game.


The rules are very simple. Players place their chips in one of the three betting areas on the game table. The betting areas are “Big”, are 14-16; “Small”, is 5-6; and “Ace”, meaning that all 3 dice come out as 1.

There are quite small odds of aces. Big and small bets pay 1 to 1, and aces pay 61 to 1.

Luckily, players are allowed to change their wagers before the dice are rolled, so if you bet an Ace and feel unlucky, go ahead and remove those chips.

The house margins here are actually pretty good, around 1.5%, so compared to some of the other games I’ve listed here, this one is well worth playing.


The craps casino game is said to have evolved out of danger, so if you want a simpler version of craps, this is definitely the game you want to try.

An interesting fact about the origin of this game is that it is thought that it was invented much earlier than the gambling game.

Many gambling games can be traced back to ancient China or Egypt, but not in danger.

Hazard is said to have been invented by European expeditionary soldiers in the 12th century. Definitely not yesterday, but not thousands of years!

The game is played with 2 dice, and there are only a few rules you need to follow.

First, you will need to decide who comes first in the group of players. This person is known as a service worker.

The person in charge chooses a number from 5 to 9. This number is called the main curator.

The caster can also roll for this figure.

If you’re a spinner and you have the option to pick your main, you’ll probably want to pick 7. Rolling 7 on dice is statistically easier than any other number.

Other players will bet whether the runner will win or lose, then the player will spin.

After the main number is chosen, the person rolls the dice or chooses a lucky number, between 4 and 10. If the same number is rolled twice in a row, it is the winner. If the key is released after an opportunity, it’s a hole.

Other numbers to remember are:

Main of 5 or 9, then a roll of 11 or 12 is lost.
Main 6 or 8, then a roll of 11 loses, but a roll of 12 wins.
Main by 7, then up to an 11 roll wins, but a roll of 12 losses.
Rolling the number 2 or 3 always makes a loss.


Chuck-a-luck is played at many smaller casinos. It’s simple and fun because of how flashy the game can be. The game is played using a giant rotating hourglass containing dice.

The player is at the betting table, and then the dealer starts spinning and spinning the hourglass. Three large dice tumble inside the cage as it spins. There are 5 types of bets that you can place.


The table is divided into different betting areas. You can bet numbers, in which you place the chip on any of the 6 numbers on the dice that you think will be rolled.

The high bet is when you place the chip in the area indicating that the 3 dice total will be over 10.

A low bet is when you place the chip in the area indicating that the 3 dice total will be below 10.

A market bet is when you place a bet that the dice total will be 1 of the numbers in the field area.

And then there is the jackpot bet, where you bet that all the numbers drawn will be the same.

Easy, right? You can easily play this game at home.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo originated in China, and it arrived in the West in the late 1900s. Sic Bo is an easy game to play, but if you see this table at a casino, it can look a bit intimidating.

The game table has all combinations of dice and payout odds. You can place your bet on the table, and in most cases, the dealer will use an electronic dice shaker to throw the dice.

The table is divided into 3 betting sections. You can bet on which number appears on 1, 2, or all 3 dice. There is even a table area for combination bets, but combinations are specific.

Payout rates are less likely to happen here. You can also bet on the total number. Since the table shows you exactly every possible number that you can bet and the odds of winning, you barely have to think.

Just make sure you’re keeping track of your real money.


Klondike is a game played with 5 dice.

It’s very simple – the dealer rolls his dice first, then the player toss the dice tries to roll a higher combination.

There are 6 possible combinations. From highest to lowest are 5 types, 4 types, full house (3 types and one pair), 2 pairs, 1 pair.

In real money casinos, you can bet on rolling a combination higher than the dealer, lower than the dealer, or you can bet to “hit 2 aces”, in which you have to roll 2 pairs.

Keep in mind that all ties in this game count as a house win, so consistently hitting heads might be harder than you might think.

The main takeaway from this is that there is definitely a house advantage for Klondike, and because the house wins based on the relationship, you’ll have a house edge somewhere around 5%.

Blackjack can have a house edge of around 2% against players who know what they’re doing, and it can drop to half a percent or even lower for players working on a strategy.

So yes, this game can be easy and fun, but you have to pay the price when playing this game at the casino.

In many ways, these new dice games powered by blockchain started to resemble indie computer games, increasing player engagement, and satisfaction.

Besides, their concept is still quite simple, as you still have to roll the dice.

However, the results do tend to be quite interesting and unexpected, which definitely puts these crypto dice games high on a player’s wish list.

Claim A Bonus For Your Dice Game

While dice games are not yet established, various casino rewards are available to match them. In our experience, you can find all sorts of bonuses to take your dice gaming experience to the next level.


Whether you want a sign-up promotion or a bonus at the top of your bank list, you must find them out there.

We’ve made sure to look at all there is to know about bounties and keep you up to date with the most creative ads available.

Tips For Playing Dice Games

Learn And Use The Basic Rules Of The Game

The rules are too simple to understand, so there’s no reason you can’t master them. And mastering them not only requires reading but also using the rules in real games. Of all the dice tips, this is one you should keep in mind.

Take Advantage Of The Dice Tap

As you may know, some of the best Bitcoin dice sites have taps that offer free bitcoins. One of the best dice tips that you should not forget is to feel free to confirm and use them to better understand the game.

Aside from the fact that the tap feature doesn’t require you to create an account, it also gives you a good start with dice without spending a single satoshi.

While dice games tend to rely more on luck rather than skill, playing odds and calculating probabilities through free play are definitely what can help you win the game.

Be Wary Of Using Dice Scenarios

Some inexperienced Bitcoin dice casino players believe that using a dice scenario is a surefire way to make a profit. But to tell you what, it isn’t.

If you do thousands of rolls very quickly, there is a tendency that you can lose a significant portion of your bank account in just a few seconds.

In addition, many Bitcoin dice game scenarios have not been thoroughly tested before sharing with the community. Errors in the script can cost you money.

So when you apply what other dice tips suggest, be careful not to get caught up in the scenarios as you are likely to lose in the long run.

Only Wager The Money You Can Afford To Lose

Always decide how much risk you are willing to take before placing a bet and never exceed that amount. If not, you will regret over staking Bitcoin.

Don’t Be Consistent With A Betting Option

Among the dice tips here, keep in mind this pointer that says you can always adjust the game’s settings to your liking and feel. Change the payout and win rates to increase your chances of winning.


Familiarize Yourself With Dice Systems And Strategies

Although your potential victory in the game is based solely on luck, your chances of winning may depend on your game plan.

If you are the type of player that only spins randomly regardless of your next move on the previous result, you are more likely to use up your balance.

But if you bet and roll according to a dice system or strategy, you have better control over your winnings and losses.

Always Enjoy Your Game

Remember that games are not just made for money, but for fun. That’s why no matter you win or lose, be gracious, and enjoy the game. This is one of the best dice tips that you should not forget when playing Bitcoin dice.

Where To Play Dice Games?

There are a lot of people playing online casinos right now, and this number will only increase because of its beneficial features and priority points.

Online dice games have become incredibly simple thanks to the advancement of internet technology. You can play dice games at the online bookmakers at the Betting Valley website.

On this site, you can find a wide range of top online casinos, ranked by our experts, for you to experience your gambling online.

Within minutes, you can play various casino games, including online slots, online roulette, blackjack, video poker, and dice games. They all have great online casino bonuses to help you get started with real money gambling.

Final Words

Real money gambling is said to be enjoyable, or at least not considered effective. These easy dice games can help you pump blood or be a source of relaxation.

In a way, however, there isn’t a steep learning curve associated with any of the methods. In fact, most of the dice games mentioned here are 100% chance. If that’s what you’re looking for, remember to try them out.

Wish you have an enjoyable experience with this game.

Thanks for reading!

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